Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Good Day While Traveling? Why, Yes...

I did have a good day yesterday. Had a decent run, got moving, got to the airport with plenty of time.

As I was walking through the airport, I saw someone that looked familiar. He gave me the "I should know you" look as well. Then, from the recesses of my brain, I pulled out his name. Jeff. He went to high school with me. He was in the El Paso airport.

We weren't friends, acquaintances though. Had some classes together. He was in EP for work, on his way back home.

So that started it. Had some good flights, no worries. Then remembered that I forgot my camera. And my GPS. Ugh.

I got to the car rental counter and was asking how much it would cost to rent a GPS for the week, when the guy threw it in for me. Yeah. I got the GPS for free. This is my first time renting with Hertz, and it's been great so far. I even got a hybrid car which will save me on the gas.

Of course, after all that, I got to see Misty, Alison, and a bunch of Misty's family. I got so many hugs last night. 5 young women (nieces) giving me hugs when I got there, hugs before bed, and a couple more when I left.

I slept in this morning and even had time to blog. Yay! Now I'm heading back over to Misty's to see everyone.

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