Let's Learn Something

Specifically something about me.

I've know my whole life that I'm in Introvert. My mother is also an introvert, so I was raised knowing that it is OK to be that way. Thanks Mom!

I read a great article shared by a friend on Facebook, who found it through her friend and who knows where it started. It's about Introverts. They found some science to it. Basically my brain doesn't like dopamine. It also covers some of the "myths" about introverts. I highly recommend you check it out. Don't bother with #2 when it comes to me. I really am shy as well as introverted. I really am weird, too.

I've never been comfortable around lots of people. I learned how to fake it. I still get anxious when I have to do anything in a large group of people. Even if it's family. I tend to hang on the outside of the crowd, where it's easy to escape. It's almost like being claustrophobic, but I only feel that way when surrounded by people. And semi trucks, but that's another story. It's definitely not agoraphobia. I love going out and doing things, just not when there is a large crowd involved. And there are multiple phobias that come up for fear of crowds. It's never really interfered with my life, except that I don't go to concerts. I would love to for the music, but I avoid it for the crowd.

Family reunions aren't as fun for me, because as much as I love seeing everyone, I'm done in about an hour. Ready to go. Maybe that's why I wasn't fond of large family dinners for Christmas. I really had to push myself when we moved here to branch out and meet people. It was a push for me to join the Officers' Wives group here. I'm glad I did, but I still tend to stick to the outskirts. I always look for the easy escape as well, the way out in case I can't take anymore.

I'm much more comfortable with just a few friends. People I don't have to worry about impressing, or making small talk with.

Perfect example is this wedding I'm headed to. It's my best friend's wedding. I'm super excited to see her and our friend Al. SUPER excited. But I'm not looking forward to the crowd. A bunch of her family is staying with her, in her small house. Just hearing that over the phone sent my brain into panic mode. I got a hotel room. I ended up having to stay the next town over, but I have my own room I can escape to. When I told J about it, he agreed right away that I should get a hotel. The hotel room is the most expensive part of this trip, but for my mental health, it's worth it. I will definitely need some recharging time. My runs will be a great recharge also.

I also totally have to agree with JG over at Me and My SoldierMan, when she says that we introverts love social media. It's true. I can check in on my friends and acquaintances without having to go out and do. It can help pull me out of a funk some days. Make me feel attached to the world without having to be around a bunch of strangers.

So there you have it. Bet you didn't know that when I say I don't like people, I mean it. I honestly don't like people. I love animals, and could be around them all day. But people, no. Hell no. Certain people are exceptions, like the hubs of course, but in general, even my family drives me to have alone time.

Ok. I've shared enough. Time to take my introverted butt off the couch and get some packing done.


  1. You touched on something I hadn't thought of. I'm not a joiner, either, but I never really connected it to my introversion. OSCA was something I had looked forward to before coming here, but the spinoff groups, like the book club and such, are still out of my comfort zone, especially since I can connect with my friends outside of those venues.


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