Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Changing. Again.

Tattoo idea, version 3. The original flame and water drop, somewhere between japanese and realism, with the Hebrew for Fire and Water under the relative design. I have plenty of resources to make sure my Hebrew is correct, and I will make sure they use my exact copy.

I WILL NOT have incorrect Hebrew tattooed on me. I will bring it in and have them copy it to the correct size and use exactly that. Hebrew reads left to right, not right to left like English.

I found a funny blog, all about Bad Hebrew Tattoos. They also posted a GIF of the correct Hebrew spelling of the 4 elements.

I will even run these past a reliable personal source before using them in my tattoo. (That means you, Zach!)

Eventually I may incorporate earth and wind into my back piece, but fire and water have always been my favorite elements. I want fire on the left shoulder blade and water on the right. Don't know why I want those sides, just always have. That has never been an issue in this tattoo design.

What brings this on? J and I went to the Texas Tattoo Showdown here in El Paso today. (I would put a link here, but they only have a myspace page, and it sucks.) J was having ideas for his (he says he's waiting till he's 30 (or older) to get one), and of course I was itching to get a new one. So I've been looking them up online.

Jason is going to do some research and try to work up some sketches for me. Hells yeah!

We found 1 artist at the tattoo convention who had some Native American work that is along the lines of what J is looking for. So I grabbed his card. Turns out he's my friend's friend, has done 1 of hers and all of her daughter's tattoos, and is in Las Cruces, NM. Ah yeah. 

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