Decisions, Decisions

I've made one.

My knee got tired in the middle of belly dance class yesterday. I decided that doing the half marathon is not smart. I told J last night and he agreed that I would have a big chance of injuring the knee further.

*sigh* It was a tough decision to make. This was going to be my first big run with J cheering me on. We even talked about him taking his bike to meet me at certain points along the route. I was going to get a Tshirt and finishers' medal. Bleh. I suppose we could go, and I would still probably get the Tshirt since I did pay, but I would only do the 5K. I guess I need to take the running slowly and let the knee finish healing. This would be a little easier if the damn pool was open so I could swim. (Rumor says it will be open the end of this month, when my knee will already be healed.)

Instead, I'm trying to focus on the excitement I get with belly dancing. We're learning Black Sheep Tribal style. Example here: That is THE Black Sheep. My instructor is going to Tribal Fest (where that vid was filmed) and getting her teaching certificate this year. Let me 'splain it to you.

Tribal belly dance is an improvisational style. The dancers learn a repertoire of moves and cues, then put them together to fit the music as they perform. They take turns leading the group. You can even have a chorus and cycle through the dancers in the main group so everyone gets a turn without wearing out. In the video I linked above, the girls standing in the back doing simple moves are the chorus.

I have a lot of fun at our classes. I love the other girls in it, and it makes me feel good. Belly dance gives me body confidence as well. You will see all shapes and sizes of women doing professional belly dance. My first instructor, back in KS, had an amazing body. She didn't have 6-pack abs or huge biceps. She had soft curves, not fat, but shape. She would demonstrate a belly roll by isolating each section of her abs individually. So that 6-pack was there, hidden behind a layer of soft. I loved it. Not a muscle chick, but still muscular.

OK. I'm done. I hope you enjoy the video. If I do a performance with this group, I will let y'all know the when and where. Time to shower and start my day.


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