I'm a Performer

Disclosure Statement: I have migraine brain, so please excuse any typos/mistakes I miss correcting.

Today I did my first ever performance of belly dancing. My tribal troupe, Hodge Podge Tribal, did a rather impromptu performance/class at the officers' wives luncheon. The instructor was asked yesterday, and had some of us perform with her before doing basic drills with everyone there.

I think it went well. I was worried that not many would get up and dance with us, but quite a few did. I hope our performance was inspiring. I know the teacher's solo dance inspired me! We did 2 slow songs as a group, and I actually took the lead once in each song. It must have been the adrenaline.

I also didn't have any migraine issues during the dancing, and for just a bit after. I've been fighting this migraine off and on all week. If I can make it through tomorrow's stitchers (at my house), then I can pop some strong meds if I need to and just rest.

But back to belly dance. I borrowed a top from the teacher, and because it was so stretchy, the medium actually fit quite well. It stretched a lot to fit my bust, so the band was a little loose, but friend Amber and I decided I could easily put a slit in the band and add a drawstring to cinch it tight. Time to go shopping! I do plan on trying to make my own skirts, though.  Yes, skirts, plural. And harem pants.

We may get an opportunity to perform again at the end of April, at a Hafla. I'll let you google that. I'm tired. And since I let this sit for 5 minutes before remembering I was writing a blog, I think migraine brain is getting worse. I have a hot pad for my neck and my relax tea. Then it's bedtime.


  1. Go team us! I'm anxiously awaiting my sewing machine so I can be cool like you and make skirts, too!

  2. You guys were rocking! I had so much fun & I know the other wives in my FRG did too!


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