I need to blog about 2 things today and decided they should be separate posts. First is Duke.

Got back from Vacation on Thursday evening. Sunday morning, I find that Duke has been peeing outside his box. I don't think it had been going on long, probably just that night. But the big problem was the little brown spots. He had blood in his urine, and was peeing tiny bits all the time.

So Monday was a trip to see the vet. He has either a UTI, some urinary tract inflammation, or both. They gave him some fluids, an anti-inflammatory, penicillin, and gave me some antibiotics to give him. We pushed his teeth cleaning back by a week to try to clear this up.

I think he is doing better already. Not going potty quite as often. We'll go back in on Friday for a check up to make sure he's OK for the teeth cleaning next Tuesday.

I suspect this came on from him not drinking as much while we were gone. He does that and always has. What I don't understand is why it waited till Saturday night to show any signs. Or maybe he was hiding the signs until then. I'm not sure. But we have medicine and a great vet.

Last Friday, J and I had taken Duke in to get his antibiotic shot that he gets before a teeth cleaning. While waiting, an older woman showed up with her cat. The tech told us that this lady's cat was leukemia positive, but she had other cats at home and couldn't keep it. It was an obvious plea for us to take this cat.

I couldn't.

Duke does not like other cats and never really has. That was part of why I adopted him. We are only supposed to have 2 pets in our house, and while I know they won't really care if we have more, J insists on no more than 2. I rather agree. Finally, the thought of getting attached to another cat only to watch her get sick is painful.

It broke my heart as I said it, but I said no.

The poor kitty was being put down. I just didn't know how to help her. There was no one I could call to take her in. *sigh*

This experience made me extra glad that we have a great vet who wants to let Duke live as long as possible, who didn't see his leukemia as a death sentence. He's about 8 years old, which puts him on the young end of "senior cat." I know he won't be one of those 20 year old cats, but he will live longer because he has people who care about him, because he is my only cat.

Speaking of Duke, I need to give him his medicine. 


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