Son of a Gun 2

I know it's not Tuesday. It's Saturday. But J didn't get home in time on Tuesday to go to the gun store. We waited till today.

I had decided the Kahr was expensive, and my chances of ordering one from Maryland were slim. In the store today, they had sold their Beretta and didn't have any more in stock yet. So I handled the Springfield and the Bersa. I couldn't release the slide on the Springfield. Not good. The Bersa, however, I could do everything I needed to do while keeping the gun pointed forward. So I got that one.

Unfortunately, Jason's Glock was sold out. Apparently it's the recommended gun for the local Sheriff's dept. and they just got some new guys. We even called another store and they were also sold out. Our store took J's name and number and will call when they get more in, probably this week.

I also got 2 boxes of ammo and a cleaning kit. The clerk was great and showed me how to take it apart and pointed out one spot to make sure and keep clean. He was the same one we spoke to the first time and was super helpful again this time.

I decided to go shooting tomorrow, so we watched a movie this afternoon. Tomorrow we'll go to the range and shoot my new gun. Then we'll come home and learn how to clean it. I'm not going to let J do much with it though, except shoot. I need to be able to do it all myself, so I may as well do it now. 


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