Healthy Eating in 2012

J and I talk about being localvores. We love the idea of it, but find it hard to follow through with in our current location. 

I also love the idea of using all fresh produce in my cooking, but again, find the follow through difficult. 

So I'm going to push for something I considered a while back. I want to start shopping through Los Poblanos Organics. You can order a weekly "Harvest Box" that has regionally grown fruits and veggies. Most of them are grown at their farm in New Mexico. They have one location for pick-up in El Paso. 

I was checking them out, and found their blog. They are going to start offering different sizes of harvest boxes this year! We can order a small harvest box and choose to only pick up every other week at first, to see how quickly we go through it. 

I'm hoping this will give me quality produce (which I don't see at the Commissary) and also push our boundaries a bit. If we get a veggie that we have never tried before, we'll have to look up how to use them. Try some new recipes. It will keep us from just relying on our usuals, like asparagus. We eat lots of asparagus. And zucchini. 

The blog said it would be a few weeks to get the box sizes set up, so I'm giving them the month of January. Then I'll sign up. I liked the idea of this when I first discovered them, but I like it even more now. 

The pick up in EP is on Tuesday afternoons, but they should be putting out a list of the weekly harvest boxes on Thursdays. So I can see what they have, and possibly even change it up a bit; say no to more potatoes and ask for more apples. We could start planning a menu on Thursdays, so I could probably even keep my Monday grocery shopping day. Or maybe I'll switch to Tuesdays. We'll see. 

I can order other organic things as well through them, including some delicious sounding baked goods. I might try some out, but I think we'll mostly stick to produce. Their beef is very expensive, so I'll stick to getting freebies from my folks for now. 


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