Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dirty Times

So, I did a mud run. It was a fun run. And now I am done.

Sorry, English geek moment.

I ran in the Dirty Girl Mud Run, which tours the US and raises money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It's a 5K obstacle course that involves lots of mud. I was a little worried that they would try to have a completely muddy course in our dry, droughty dessert (yes, I made up that word), but they kept the mud contained in the obstacles. I did complete all the obstacles. They really weren't that hard. I also donated those New Balance Minimus shoes that got holes after 2 months on my feet. Maybe they'll do good for someone else. Besides, that was about 3 pounds of mud.

There is more, but my buddy Amber! summed it up rather well in her blog post, here. So I'm going to be lazy and just linky to her. Yay.

Besides, I have a Who post to write.

*Update* Kim's post is up!

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