March Who Madness: Day 30!

Day 30: How It All Started 
(I renamed it)

I discovered Doctor Who when we moved to El Paso. We suddenly had this channel called BBC America and I thought I'd check it out. They were playing reruns during the day, and it caught my attention. I can't really say when I started watching it regularly, or when I got J started on it. I don't know what my first episode was or anything like that. It was something to put on during the day, and I got interested and started planning on watching the reruns. 

In 2010, we were well and hooked, making sure to catch the new episodes. I still watched the reruns during the day and that's how I managed to see most of them, but J wanted to get caught up. We started watching them on netflix in order, from the start of the new series. We've watched a few of the older ones, but not much. 

We're both hooked, but I'm a little more hooked than J. Hehe.


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