Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running Away

I took some initiative and signed up as POC (point of contact) for a new running group in the officer's wives club that I'm in.

Then I sat down today and read a couple chapters in The Four-Day Win. My next 4-day is to plan out my fitness program. I think that this will involve my new running group. I just need to set some times for us to meet and run together, and I can get started.

I always seem to stick with a program better if there are other people involved. All the things I do on my own eventually get dropped and abandoned. When I was in Jazzercise, I went at least once a week and absolutely loved it. That was during my 20 weight loss. I miss Jazzercise, but classes around here were so limited that I never joined.

Then I took up running. Then I got injured and stopped. Now I'm trying again. I thought signing up for a running group would motivate me to keep it up. I said I'd be willing to be the POC so that others would actually sign up. Now I'm in charge! Ack!

Oh, my little red fashion-sneaks are still the best shoe for me to run in. I'm going to shop around for another pair since my old running shoes are starting to wear out and make my feet sore when walking. I am considering getting a pair of converse-style, canvas and rubber kicks. Minimal. When Merrell comes out with their barefoot shoes in February, I will probably get a pair of those.

Ok. I'm done. Time to make dinner.

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