wow, a week

It's been a week since I posted. Guess I just didn't have much to talk about. We had a good 4-day weekend. Didn't really do a whole lot, but definitely relaxed. We took Remy on a day trip to Ruidoso and he did very well. I was quite proud of him.

It looks like I might have some family drama coming up, as well. I'm trying to mentally prepare for it by reminding myself that there is very little I can do from down here.

This week I'm prepping to host a baby shower. I have a menu plan and a shopping list started. Only thing that worries me is seating. I'm shopping around for a set of 4 folding chairs. If I get that and borrow chairs from 2 friends, then I will have enough seating for everyone. Crazy. Yeah. So, I guess that's it for now.


  1. I heard Ruidoso is really nice. Did you take pictures ? Can you post them ?

    As far as family seems like more drama occurs when we are far away from our families. Sometimes I know its difficult being far away and not being able to help. or its annoying sometimes when family puts you in the drama and you are far away and have nothing to do with things. I get it. Try not to stress yourself out about and I will pray for your family that whatever it is, it gets sorted out.

    Hosting a baby shower sounds fun! I'm sure the mommy to be is very grateful - I think I know who it is ;) I wish I could be there. I hope you guys have lots of fun. I have no idea where you would find folding unless a party supply store could rent you a couple. I have no clue what walmart carries these days. Good luck!


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