Babies, Babies Everywhere

A lot of my friends are having babies. One had her first at the end of August. Got an early morning text yesterday from another, and yet another early morning text today. The one today I got to visit in the hospital. He's adorable, cute, everything a baby should be.

I know a lot of my girl friends ooo and aww over babies and start gushing about how they want one of their own, even if they already have a couple. I have never done that. I have never held a baby or looked at a baby or talked about a baby and felt the need to have one of my own. I have never felt the mommy urge. Not with kids at any age.

This year, I will be turning 30. I have a wonderful marriage, a nice home, a cuddly cat and a funny dog. These are the things I always wanted. A cat and a dog. When I see pictures of kittens and puppies I feel urges and wants and needs to get new kittens and puppies. I remind myself that the ones I have are enough of a handful, but I can't help it when I look at their little fuzzy faces. I want more!

Is that what the mommy urge is like?

I don't know that I will ever feel the need or urge or want to have my own baby. I like babies, don't get me wrong. But I don't like them enough to want my own. If by some magic happenstance I wound up pregnant (I take pills to combat that), we would keep the baby, of course, and love it all the same. But I don't know that we will ever plan to have a kid.

J seems to feel the same way. Maybe someday things will change and we will want a kid, but for now we really like our lives the way they are - without kids. Maybe we are destined to be Aunt and Uncle forever, and we are OK with that. We love being Aunt and Uncle.

To all my friends with these adorable babies, I will gladly babysit for you. I believe mommy and daddy should have regular date nights and will take the baby(ies) so this can happen. But I will give the baby back when date night is over. No worries about me stealing any babies. You can have it back.


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