A New Day

I was pretty down yesterday. Just moody and depressed all day. But J came home from work and we went for a short ride on our new bikes in between rains. We made pizzas for dinner and watched the NCIS season premiere. It was fun, we laughed, and I didn't even think about HIM.

Today was good as well. I took Remy for a run in the rain and it was a good run. I went to Athena's and let her out. Took her for a short walk and just loved on her. I went to Stitchers' and got to hold baby Andrew. I bought tequila and my favorite beer. I cleaned my floors, a little. Well, I vacuumed, but I'm not doing more than that until the rain stops. Remy made himself a mud puddle in the grass. I had to put in him the shower and rinse him off. Now he's napping.

I did talk to my sister (as always) and she had news. She-who-shall-not-be-named has been spreading lies again. You would think SHE would learn to not tell lies to people who also know my sister, but then again, SHE doesn't learn.

Our guess is that, within one month, two at most, HE will be calling Mom again because SHE will be kicking him out again. And WE, Dot and I, will tell Mom that she absolutely cannot let HIM come back. HE is the one who cut himself away from us. HE was told, when he last went back to HER, that there would be no more chances to go home.

But enough of that. Tonight is smothered burritos, Big Bang Theory, and CSI!


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