I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!

For a little while now, I've been tossing around the idea of getting a bike. Just something to help me exercise the dog and myself, and an easy way to get around post without wasting gas. Turns out my husband was also thinking of bikes.

Yesterday morning, after brunch at Denny's, we decided to stop at Crazy Cat Cyclery, across the street. We looked at the fancy bikes, the gear, the cute kid clothes, and started talking about it.

We want an activity we can do together. He runs, and I try to run, but we can't really do it together. I swim and he tries to swim, but we can't really do it together. But bicycling is something we would both be just starting out on. And if we got to the point where he can ride forever and ever, he could go out for a while and come back to get me for our ride together.

One of the guys he works with is into biking, so he asked for a little advice at PT this morning. His buddy pretty much confirmed what we were already thinking - we should look into road bikes (as opposed to mountain, bmx, or racing bikes). Road bikes are good for commuting, for rides along paved roads, which would be most of our riding. He also recommended a couple brands, his favorite location of Crazy Cat, and who to talk to at that location.

Honestly, I'm getting kind of excited! I need to talk to my mom now about getting my school loans paid off. I'm planning on cashing in a bunch of savings bonds that I have to pay off a big chunk of what's left. And my folks offered to help a little, too. I only have about $3K left to pay off, so we want to get those done and over with.

Anything else? Baby shower went well. OH! I ran the 5k for the German American Night Run after the baby shower. Ha! Not the greatest idea I've ever had. My calves cramped up right away, so it was a run/walk combo. I still managed to finish at 47 minutes, which isn't too bad. J did great in his new Vibram Five Fingers. He got a great time and said he had a fun run, which is most important. We enjoyed some excellent German brats and beers, then headed home.

Sunday, after the brunch and bike shop, was Remy's first time in a real pool. He swam wonderfully, but was rather afraid of being in deep water. I think some of it was just all the excitement and all the new dogs around. But we did get him in there and had him swimming. I want to get him to a swim beach now, where it's calmer and he has a gradual entry.

Ok, ok, I'm done rambling now. Time to go grocery shopping.


  1. I think you guys should splurge on a tandem bike. Then you can go everywhere together! :) (And loving the Queen-inspired title!)

  2. My husband got his bike from Crazy Cat's and he loves it! They are actually nice for the price. I was worried at first that he would be paying a professional price for a non professional bike but he was happy with his purchase. We had never really looked at purchasing bikes before we got ours and Crazy cat's seem very knowledgeable about their products. Happy bike shopping!


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