Friday, September 17, 2010


Tonight we are going to Oktoberfest! Put on by real Germans, with real German food and real German bier! I'm very excited. And around 8pm, we'll stop eating (and I might stop drinking) to do our 24 hour fast for Yom Kippur. Tomorrow we will take it easy and not do much until we go out for a big dinner around 8pm.

The sun actually sets at 7 tonight, but since I didn't realize I was buying Oktoberfest tickets for the start of Yom Kippur, we decided to push ours back an hour. It's our version of it, anyway. Not like I'm a good little Jew who keeps kosher or anything. Never been to synagogue.

Then on Sunday, we're going to do brunch, as usual, and visit the bike shop to talk to them about what we should get. First, we want to get a bike rack for J's Jeep Patriot. That way we can get the bikes home safely when we purchase them.

I'm thinking of hitting a few spinning classes at the gym, but might just settle for some time on a stationary bike on my own. Start getting my body ready for what's to come. We even joked about getting a kid trailer for the dog. But then I'll never get him to run next to me. Of course, that might require another purchase. They make a pole that attaches to your bike with a leash threaded through it. So the dog is on his leash, but can't dart in front of or behind you while you ride. We'll see how he does when I get a bike, first.

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