Fort Bliss 8K

New PR - 52:51. That is about 9 minutes faster than my first 8K. Not bad for my second time! I felt good and kept my pace up.

Turns out the new commanding general of Bliss is pushing personal fitness, so they're going to try to do one event a month. Next month is a half marathon, which I will not be doing. J will, though. And they're supposed to do 2 sprint triathlons next year, one spring and one fall. I will have to work on running and biking, and J will work on biking and swimming. Not that he won't run and I won't swim, but those are our good events already. I'm not a fast swimmer but I can swim, and if I get back in the water, it picks up pretty quickly.

On another note, my arm is doing some weird stuff today. I woke up last night with a very sore shoulder. My right one (tattoo is on left arm). I had to take ibuprofen just to get back to sleep, and pretty much spent the rest of the night on my left side. It was the only way I could lay that didn't hurt my shoulder too much. When I got up, the pain seemed to move down my arm, to the elbow and wrist. I rubbed some asparcream into it and left for the run.

Felt fine all day, until we got out of Tron Legacy. It was getting sore again. I used more asparcream when I got home and it's OK right now. No idea what I did to it though. Maybe I used it too much while babying my left arm? Maybe Remy tugged too hard when I walked him yesterday? Maybe Remy wiggled too much when I threw him over the Shinkle's fence to play with their dogs? He did whack me in the nose real good then, and my nose is still tender.

So that's it for now. I'm going to be lazy the rest of the day.


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