12 Days of Christmas Half Marathon

Finished in 33:52. Yeah, slow run. J's getting over some crud and my diaphragm, of all things, was stiff and sore today. Made it hard to breath. But Remy ran with us, and he did good. He was very eager to just run wild and try to catch up with everyone, but J held him in line. He's exhausted now (Remy, that is).

Next week is the Ft. Bliss 8k. We're going to run individually, since J has been running with me a lot lately. Probably won't take the dog so I can run for time.

I had wanted to go get my new tattoo after the run, but the 2 parlors I'm interested in aren't open on Sundays. So now we're thinking we'll go when J gets home on thursday, since I wanted to eat out that night anyway. Might go eat then go get tatted. Gives me time to print out some good red-tailed hawk pics as well, so I can talk about the back piece I want sketches of.

In other news... that's it really. Nothing much else. Just trying to get some sewing and shopping done before Xmas.


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