Sunday, December 5, 2010

New 5K PR

Ran the Jingle Bell Rock Run this morning. A friend of mine works for the organization that put it on, so I had to run. And I'm glad I did. Finished the 5K in 30:37, 2 minutes off my personal record!

J ran with me this morning as my coach. He has really figured out how to keep me going. He just kinda chats with me, watches my form and tells me I'm doing good.

I'm really enjoying these runs. Running has become fun now! And that is the key to my time drop, I'm not trying to run super fast, I'm just having fun.

Next run will be another 5k to finish up the 12 Days of Christmas Half Marathon. I ran 10 miles on my own, and will run 3.1 on the 12th to finish up a total of 13.1 miles.

Then I'm doing the Fort Bliss 8K on the 18th. That will be my second 8K (5 miles) and my first run in the 30-39 age group. Not that it will do anything to help me win prizes, just that I'll be in a new age group.

And I will have a new tattoo by then. Going to try to get to the parlor one evening this week or over next weekend. I've picked a place whose work I've seen, and who came recommended by a friend. She said the guy who did her husband's last tattoo leads worship at his church. Now, I'm not religious, but knowing that they are a "Christian establishment" is comforting. Less likely to rip me off, and will definitely follow sanitation laws.

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