le sigh (health issues update)

I had grand plans of coming home from my morning meetings and taking Remy for a walk, or maybe a run.

I get home stuffy and a little headachey. Remy is tired from playing with Athena all morning. So it turns out I'm going to just sit and try to rest.

I'm getting what I think are "ice-pick headaches." The pain level hasn't been excruciating, but it's enough that I took some prescription pain meds and don't want to try running. I haven't even turned on the tv yet and I've been home for almost an hour. I usually have the tv on as background noise. For me to be getting them this much means I'm getting a full migraine.

Some of you may remember 3 monthsish ago when I was worried about a doctor visit concerning my girly parts. Well I called this week to schedule the 3 month follow-up appointment, just like the doc said to do. Only the appointment setter said that doctor wasn't available for appointments and she didn't know why. She could get me in with someone else (I think the same doc that did my PAP, whom I didn't like at all), but not till the 22nd. Well that doesn't do me much good.

I'm sick of this game. Every time I have gone in this year has been with a different doctor, and I am tired of explaining all my issues each time. So I got a recommendation from a good friend for a doctor off-post. She had her PCM changed to this doc and has had great service. Just seeing the same doctor consistently would make me happy right now.

I need to talk to someone about my migraines again, since I'm starting to get the symptoms more often, even when I take my daily meds. And I want to talk to someone about my sinuses. See, for the past, oh, 2 years now, I have a problem with popping in my ears. It's a constant thing. I move my jaw and my ears pop. Not big and loud, like when you're changing altitude, but soft little pops, and it's driving me crazy. I talked to the first doc I saw down here (had him for a whole year and loved him) who said he thought it could just be allergies. But even when I take 2 allergy meds and a decongestant, I still get popping in my ears. I hate it.

And then there's cramps. I've been kinda noticing that I get mild cramping randomly throughout the month. Nothing major, but enough that I will notice it and calculate how close I am to a period. For example, had one the other day, very mild but enough to notice, but I'm only on the first week of this pack. I should not be cramping. I haven't had any of the "omg wtf is happening" cramps since switching pills, but still more cramps than I feel I should be getting.

Wow. As if my few readers really wanted to know that much about my body. Oh well. I get a little too honest sometimes when my head hurts.

Oh yeah, Happy Chanukah! Started last night. We had latkes and matzo ball soup for dinner last night. Super tasty.


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