I'm sick!

J and I saw Tron yesterday afternoon, after I posted about my run. We got burgers at Smashburger, then went to the movie. After the movie, my stomach felt a little funny. I didn't think too much of it at first.

But it got worse as the evening went on. To the point that all I ate for dinner was a little fruit salad. I couldn't walk around without getting very nauseous.

Then I got the runs. Then I finally vomited. Felt a little better after that, but started getting achy and got the chills.

It was a rough night. I took a little ibuprofen around 3 or 4 am, and slept better after that. I got up at 0630, but napped again around 0930 for about an hour. I did eat half a piece of matzo with a little peanut butter and jam for breakfast.

Felt much better after that, even showered and ate some simple pasta for lunch. The aches are getting better, but I'm taking it easy today. I have an amazing husband who is taking good care of me. My mom talked me through some of it last night over the phone. I called her today to let her know I was doing better.

Apparently this stomach bug has been going around, and people get it to varying degrees. I honestly think that the tat lowered my immune system enough for the virus to get in. Fortunately it doesn't seem to be sticking around too long. (Knock on wood!)


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