Bra Thoughts

I posted just the other day about my sports bra thoughts. After some online shopping, I realized that the Shock Absorber is really comparable to the Enell in terms of price. So now, I may as well just get another Enell. I can buy it at a local store and already know my size.

Hold that thought. I better measure my ribcage again. I may have lost an inch or two there, and if I did, it puts me in a different place on the Enell size chart. See, a yearish ago, when I bought my first one, my rib measurement was a size 2, but bust was a size 3. The 3 was obviously too big when I put it on, so I got a size 2. Since then, my bust has lost half an inch (hey, that's a lot for me!), and I think my ribs may now fall under a size 1, while bust is closer to size 2. Guess I will have to try them on again. I am so glad our local running store carries Enell so I have the option of trying them on! (BTW, they have their own, unique size chart.)

So, speaking of running, I signed J and I up for the German run. He actually got home at a decent hour today, so we went on a short 3 mile run.

H-O-L-Y Hell! Can we say leg cramps? Horrible calf cramps. I mean, tons of pain. It was more of a walk than run. So I know I need to warm up well before the race on Saturday night. I also need to take lots of allergy meds. Both of us have been sniffley since the run tonight.

I'm going to try to do a 3 miler in the morning with the pup. Then I can rest up for the race Saturday night.

I will probably push my long run off till Monday morning. Shooting for 12 miles. So close!


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