Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

I didn't post last week, but didn't lose any weight either. Didn't gain, but didn't lose. That's what I get for weighing in the morning after Oktoberfest! haha.

This morning was a 1.5 pound loss. Puts me at 162.5 which I am happy with. I did eat a big dinner last night, too.

This morning I ran 13 miles. First time. Longest run ever. I finished in 2.5 hours. I kept a good pace. Only issues are a blister on 1 toe and a lot of muscle pain in my left arch. Of course, I was running in a brand new pair of shoes.

That's right, I got new shoes! J and I went to Dillard's on Saturday and I tried on both the 8 and 8.5. I went with the larger size. Felt so much roomier in my toes. And I got gray with purple accents instead of black. They're pretty. Me likey.

I rubbed the muscles in my foot and let the hot water in the shower relax them a little. Good enough to walk around a little at the PX and Commissary. Definitely feeling better, but still sore. I think it's worse than usual this week because of the new shoes that haven't had the arch area of the sole broken in yet.

I'm tired. This will be a short post.


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