It's Official

I registered for the half marathon. J registered for the full. I would book our hotel room, but the hotel's website isn't working right now. I'll try again later. It's within walking distance from the start/finish point, but less expensive than the sponsor hotel right by that point. If the site isn't working tomorrow, maybe I'll call the sponsor hotel and find out what the special rate for runners is. Although they charge for parking.

I did find some new running pants. J went shopping with me this morning. Second store had a good pair. Adidas. They hit just below my knee, they have decent reflective striping, a pocket for my mp3 player, and a drawstring waist. They are black with white stripes. And not too expensive.

I'm a little nervous, but not horribly so. I think I'll feel better after I get a 13 mile run done. Which probably won't be tomorrow. I will probably be a little hungover tomorrow. Might try for Monday, but I may just wait till next weekend. Tonight we go to Oktoberfest! It's put on by the German Air Force troops stationed here. They ship in kegs of traditional Oktoberfest beer and serve German food. And we get souvenir beer steins. Oh yes. It is that awesome. And we live close enough to walk to it. I will be drinking too much to drive. We will be walking home. Must remember to take house keys this year.

And now I'm off like a prom dress!


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