Soy Un Perdedor, I'm A Loser, Baby

But first - last night's run. J and I both ran the 8K at the German American Night Run here at Bliss. This is our third year running it, but my first year doing the 8K. Last 2 years I just did the 5K. And I did better than I expected.

Why didn't I expect to run well? I'm a morning runner. I'm used to getting up and going out the door. I might eat an energy bar if it's a long run. Running in the evening means running with a day's (or most of a day's) worth of food in your stomach, after doing whatever it is you did all day. We did a short 3 mile run Thursday night, and my calves cramped so bad I couldn't keep running. So I didn't have the highest hopes for Saturday night.

We got there early and I did a tiny bit of warm-up before the race. I was able to keep just over a 10 minute pace. I finished at 51 minutes 14 seconds. Pretty good considering my training pace is about a 12 minute mile.

After the race, we had a real German bratwurst and a real German beer. Felt well earned.

So. This morning was weigh-in. I hit 164. That's 2 more pounds, making a total loss of 4 pounds. My first weight goal is 5% of my starting weight, which is 159.something. If I keep up the 2 pounds a week, then I will be at 158 in 3 weeks. I could slow down, though, and might have a week or two where nothing at all drops. We'll see, right?

This week was harder to keep the points under control. I finished the week with 1 weekly allowance point left. But I still managed to drop 2 pounds! So we'll call it good. I'm going to try to do 12 miles tomorrow morning, so that will give me a good boost of activity points for the week. Of course, dinner is on my own 2 nights this coming week, and most of the next week. I'm cooking an artichoke at least once. J thinks they are too much work. I love them. Maybe with some rice. MMmmmmm.


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