Oh, Shoes

As I was putting on my Merrells for a 3 mile run this morning, I noticed the light shining through where there should be no light. Yup, I have a hole. It's in the arch of my left foot.

They are dirty, yes. They need washed.

Of course this all had to happen just 1 month from the half marathon. I just got a new sports bra because the other one was too big. I just got new running tights because the others got a hole. Now my shoe has a hole. Ugh. Might be headed to Dillards this weekend for a new pair.

I added up the miles I've run just for training, not counting the repeat weeks, to 134.5 miles. That's not counting the repeat of my 10 mile week (7 more miles not including the failed 10 miles) or the repeat last week (another 7 miles) since I didn't run after Oktoberfest. Plus put a few other repeats, random runs, and some walking in all of that. Since July.

If you look for advice on when to replace running shoes, you'll see anywhere from 300 to 500 miles, 6 months, when it starts to hurt, and numerous other things. WELL, I've had these since March, so that's 6 months. Considering how many miles I've done since I start training, I'm guessing it's around 300 miles now. But here's what I think really happened: I'm flat footed which leads to over pronating (that mean my foot rolls towards the inside). You can see in the second picture that the mud line come up over the sole on the inside of the foot. I think my overpronation has caused that part of the shoe to wear faster than the rest of it.

I'm also thinking of going up a half size on my next pair. My big toe on my left foot (the slight bigger foot) does reach the end of my shoe. I think my feet may have spread a little with all the minimal running I've been doing. I'll get an 8 and 8.5 and compare how they feel in a new pair.

I'll probably go with the same style since that is what I've been training in. Not good to mix it up too much this close to the race. And the lightweight mesh upper of these shoes is great in the heat of the southwest. Gets some air in to my feet. Water, too, but there shouldn't be too many puddles during the race.

Now I feel guilty for the expensive purse I just bought. Didn't know yesterday that I would need new running shoes. 


  1. No need to feel guilty, you won't be able to run in the ones you have now and have a lot of training and events coming up to justify. The purse was a well-deserved treat for all the effort you have put into your running! :)


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