Monday, February 20, 2012

Duke the Angsty Cat

Duke has done very well this weekend. Well, he's peeing on his own. And in his box, which is a good sign.

We take him in to the vet this afternoon to have the IV port and the catheter needle removed. I think he'll be even better after that. They put a wrap around his IV port so he wouldn't mess with it too much. It's hot pink with purple hearts. I think he hates it. He won't stop licking at it, like he's trying to wash it off, so I keep having to put the cone of shame on him. He hasn't gotten anywhere near the port itself, but he started to irritate the skin at the top of the wrap. Might need to keep the cone for a while to make sure he doesn't lick that spot raw. He hates the cone, and gets mad at me for putting it on him, but it's the only way to stop him from licking.

I can't leave the cone on all the time, because he has a hard time eating and drinking with it on. I hope that after today he'll be able to relax more and just let it heal. He also can't eat with the cone on and hasn't been gobbling his food like he usually does. I want to get the prescription soft food and start giving him that in the evening. The cans I have now are larger and I think he's still somewhat full come breakfast time.

He is kinda cute with the cone on. He'll just lay wherever he was when I put it on him. He seems to prefer laying at the edge of the chair or bed so he can hang his head in shame. Seriously. He's also been getting snotty and sneezing a lot, but only with the cone on. I think he's just being upset. He's fine if we take the cone off.

Right now he's snuggling on J. I think it's partially because J hasn't been mean to him. He didn't give him medicine or put the cone on him. I've done all that. It's also, in big part, because the sun in shining just right on J's lap.

The water filter actually got here a day earlier than expected. I've been using filtered water in both water bowls, since Duke drinks from both.

Hopefully we have this under control. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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