Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Duke the Toofless

Duke had the broken root removed, and his other upper canine. The vet was worried that he would start a pattern of breaking teeth, and the upper canines are the most likely to break. Poor guy doesn't have many teeth left!

He also had a low red blood cell count which is an indicator of anemia. Now, this could be from all the vet visits he's had since the year started a month ago. So we're doing to try some liquid vitamins for a month, then get his blood checked again. If it hasn't gone up in a month, we can try another medicine that's often used in cats (and people) with immune system issues. Now I just have to remember to give Duke his vitamins twice a day. 

He came home and wanted to eat right away, which is how this usually works. But today the food didn't stay down. I'm going to make him wait till his dinner time before trying to eat more and give the anesthesia more time to wear off. We'll see how he does at dinner time. At least he's still eating his dry food! 

They also said I can keep feeding him dry food as long as he will eat it. Of course watch for signs of dehydration, but with his love of drinking from the bath tub, I think we'll be ok. 

And yes, the LPO post is coming next. Just wanted to get my Duke update out there.

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  1. Glad to hear he's doing o.k. Give him a snuggle from Team Smith! :)