Friday, February 17, 2012

What a Week

Y'all know about Duke already. Well he's home now. The Vet's office kept him there from Wednesday morning to this afternoon. They had to put in a catheter and IV, flush him with fluids and antibiotics. They did clear the blockages (there were 2 different ones) and sent some of the crystals away for testing.

It seems to be a build up of minerals or something in his food. So he's on prescription food now. I still have him on hard food, but I'm thinking of getting the prescription soft food and doing soft for dinners. Poor guy has a pink (yes, pink) wrap around the IV port, and the catheter stays in for the weekend. If he does OK this weekend, they get taken out on Monday. I also have a cone of shame, because he's not happy about that wrap on his leg. He's also on antibiotics for quite a while. The same stuff he was on last time. I'm getting good at giving it to him. And he's getting used to taking it.

I also bought a water filter that hooks to our kitchen faucet. A couple of my local friends brought up how hard the water is here, and apparently it's high in saline as well. Tonight I cleaned out the humidifier, and it was nasty. Kinda changes my mind about my previous thoughts on "water is water is water." I ordered it on Amazon. It should get here tomorrow.

With all of that, I really hope we can avoid another blockage in Duke. It was expensive. Very expensive. And they can only do the catheter thing one more time. After that the option is surgery. Basically, they turn my boy cat into a girl cat. Yeah. I don't know if I can do that to my kitty. Not only would it mean making him a eunuch,  but I don't know that he would handle the recovery well.

So, on to other news. There's this crazy chick that lives in the same town as my sister. She for some reason decided my sister is her arch nemesis. No clue why. Well she started posting crazy harassing stuff on my sister's facebook page for her photography. Since I'm an admin on her page, I get emails whenever anyone posts or comments. That started Wednesday night. So I left Duke at the Vet's office and then had to deal with crazy chick.

On the plus side, belly dancing is going great. I'm going to do a solo at our first hafla, and maybe a duet if my friend wants to do one with me (that would be you, Amber!). I get my new skirt on Wednesday, I have the material to make my own choli (wish me luck), and I found a great deal on a belt in my colors on ebay. Yay!

Finally, my dear friend told me about her friend selling some furniture. So today J and I bought a dresser AND chest of drawers for the price I originally wanted to keep it in. They are older, which means well built. There is some wear, but nothing that was a deal breaker (especially after I got Duke's bill). I might someday look into refinishing or painting them and replacing the drawer pulls. But that's for another time. I still have 2 quilts to finish, and my choli to make! 

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