Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LPO (picture heavy)

(This is my first post using Windows Live Writer. Let’s see how it goes.)

I picked up my first harvest box yesterday. It really was a box, not a cooler as I had thought. That means no cooler deposit, so I’m OK with that. It’s a nice sturdy cardboard box with handles.
It included a packing slip and, of course, loverly produce.
I was feeling a little camera happy, so proceeded to photograph the contents individually:
El Spinach
El Chard
El Broccoli
Los Potatoes
Los Mini Roma Tomatoes (notice the little green one?)
Los Fruits – Pears, Avocados, and Oranges.

Don’t ask about the sudden spanglish, because I don’t know either.
I used the chard and tomatoes last night in a tasty gnocchi dish. Tomorrow I will use the potatoes to make a nice shepherd’s pie. Oh, and I need to whip up some guacamole with my 2 avocados. I think that can wait till Friday. It would go well with our brats and spinach salad. Or on the leftover burgers from this weekend.
I think one small box may only last us 1 week. (Wow, one and 1 in a single sentence.) (Completely unintentional.) The Medium box had a few things the small box didn’t get.  I will talk to J about trying the medium box, which might last 2 weeks. I also need to play with the site more and try the customizing options.
All in all, I’d call it a success. I’m looking forward to my next order already. That sentence almost had an exclamation point, but today is not an exclamation point kind of day. Today is a one and 1, sudden spanglish kind of day. If anyone wants to place an order, I’m more than happy to take you with me for your first pick-up. It’s in the back of the building, and you could easily get lost. I’m all sorts of “been there, done that” now. Go me.

I should stop now, before this post gets any crazier.


  1. I might need to get one of these!

  2. Lol! You're hilarious :} How much was this box? I'm totally interested...when are you going next time?

    1. Small box is $24. I already placed my next order and will pick it up Tuesday afternoon. You have until some time tomorrow to complete your order, which includes subbing out items in the harvest box. This week, I turned down the tangerines and added some yellow onions. Oh, and they just changed their name to Skarsgard Farms. It's the owner's last name.