Oh, Duke

Kitty is sick again. He is trying to pee anywhere comfortable - the bathmats, my PJs, even towels still wet from drying off Remy. He only does this when he's having trouble going. And the only sign is when I see him doing it.

Let me translate: NO PEE IS COMING OUT. Nothing, not even a drop. I even patted one of the spots he tried on with some TP and got nothing. That means blockage, which is bad for a cat. And male cats get blockages more easily than female cats.

I broke down a bit this morning. I'm just scared. He's my baby kitty, even though he's 8ish years old. He's been with me for 6 1/2 years.

I talked to mom and Misty, and it helped some. I'm drinking a big huge mug of kava tea to help me relax, and I'm taking Duke in at 10. I called the vet's, of course, and told them what is going on. They called back and said one of the vet's that helps his usual vet can see him at 10. Mornings are usually reserved for surgeries and other heavy duty stuff. But with Duke's recent history, and FeLV+ status, they decided to get us in, I guess.

Duke's been drinking water. He gets his usual twice (or more) a day from the bathtub, and I've seen him drinking from both his bowl and the dog's bowl.

I'm also watching some Buffy on Netflix. It helps. Thanks Misty for recommending some fluff TV. 


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