Of all the things I inherited from my mom, why couldn't I get her strong, lovely nails?

I'm talking about fingernails. Mine suck. Always have. They are weak, thin, brittle, and have vertical ridges (the kind you don't need to see a doctor about). My index finger nails are even curved funny, just like the fingers themselves.

I have tried all kinds of "strengthening" nail polishes. The best one so far was from OPI (they of the greatest color names in the world), but it only worked when I kept it on my nails. If I slacked off, they went back to craptastic status. I've even tried vitamins that are supposed to be just for hair and nail growth, with no luck.

I've been changing my eating habits anyway, to eat healthier, but still no change in the nails. They drive me crazy!

I was just reading the latest post on my friends' mom's blog, The Best Moments. She recommends Mane 'N Tail Hoofmaker to strengthen nails. Apparently, this stuff was originally used to help horse hooves grow stronger, but the people using it saw their own nails improve. She says it helps her nails when they dry out and become brittle in the winter.

So, me being me, I found a bottle on Amazon that was Prime eligible (yay free 2 day shipping!) and bought it. I could have looked in a store, but I have so much trouble finding specific things like that lately. I'll go to a store that carries it everywhere else, but it won't have it in my city. That's a rant for another day.

Now, here is where you come in! Give me any advice or tips you have for making your nails healthier. I don't just want strong nails, I want healthy nails, with no ridges. Of course, I guess if they were thicker and stronger, I could file the ridges out easier. And I don't want fake nails. I'm not good with upkeep. Anywho, HELP! 


  1. Eat jello. I had a coworker who had the most ridiculously amazing nails, and Jello was her secret. The gelatin apparently does amazing things for nail strength. It's crazy, but it worked for her.

  2. you may not like it... being pregnant! ha! makes your nails and hair grow like nobody's business.


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