Oh My Baby

She picked out that shirt herself. It says My Auntie is Awesome.

Meet Sophie Rayne Moore. My goddaughter. 

I'm currently in the beautiful state of Maryland visiting Misty and Tony. I get to watch the lovely Sophie while they are at work. 

She is precious. Let me start by telling you that I was more excited about Misty just being pregnant than I would ever be about my own pregnancy. I wish I could have been closer for her pregnancy, and been here for the birth, but that wasn't going to happen. So I'm here now, playing daycare for a while. Misty is taking a few days off to spend time with us, of course, but I get alone time with the baby. 

Alone time with a baby is slightly scary for someone who is not a mom. I mean, a couple hours is one thing, but all day? Yeah. 

So far, we are doing OK. She's figuring out that I have to take time to warm up her milk, and I'm learning that she will calm down if I put her in her swing or bouncy chair. 

I even took her on a run this morning. She loved it. She loves her little stroller and loves being outside, so it went well. She was asleep by the time we got home, which is good because I was desperate for a shower. It's much lower altitude here, but very humid, which means more sweat and the air feels thick when I breathe it. We did pretty good though. 

This weekend we're headed to the Maryland Renaissance Faire, and I might get to see an Army friend there as well. I can't wait! I'm so excited to get all dressed up and geek out. It's been tooooooo long. 

So that's all for now. Maybe more next week.


  1. She's so cute!! It's so nice you're getting to spend time with her and your friends :} Can't wait to see pics from the Renaissance Fair!


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