It's a good time for a blog. Baby is asleep, Misty is on a conference call, and Ted the cat is snuggled up to my legs.

I noticed something on my way here. The last 2 times I've traveled, I got migraines. When I went to Denver, I was getting over one, and got another one. Then I got one while flying here. I'm a little curious to see if I get one on my way home.

I've also noticed that my pain level is higher than it used to be, and the migraines come on faster with less warning. Oh the joys of getting older. And I still get the menstrual migraines as well. At least I have a good painkiller that can do double duty on migraines and cramps.

Otherwise, things are going well here. Misty got to work from home 3 days this week, so we got to spend more time together. Always a plus. She'll have to go back in tomorrow, so it will be me and the baby. Who is being good, by the way. Even though she has spit up on me twice today. I packed lots of clothes so I would have spares. Not changing my shirt now until we get ready to leave for dinner though. Just in case.

Doing dinner with Misty's in-laws tonight. They are cool. And they have an adorable blonde lab pup named Scooby. Yes, of course I love the dog. I still miss my own critters tons. J said Rembrandt has been whiny without me. As much as he annoys me some days, I rather miss his constant attention and how often he makes me laugh. And I miss Duke's snuggles. He has to be the snuggliest cat I've ever met.

Speaking of cats, let me tell you about Magic. Misty and Tony took in Magic when his owners were moving, I believe. New place didn't allow pets or something. Magic is an all black, total spaz. He's super jumpy and super suspicious. He takes quite a while to warm up to people. I finally got snuggles with him last night. Kinda. He jumps up next to you and can't seem to stop moving while you pet him. Any sudden movements or weird noises and he's gone. He's special.

Ted on the other hand has been sleeping with me at night. He sleeps at my feet, which is wonderful, but sometimes he and Magic get playful. It wakes us all up. Silly cats.

Yeah, I just had a cat moment.

Anywho, I am looking forward to going home. J gets to pick me up from the airport, and I can't wait to see my own critters again. As great as it is to be here and see them, it will be good to get back to my own life again.

I suppose I'll throw a warning in here now - you won't see me much for the rest of September, even when I'm home. J's big D got moved up, so we're spending as much time together as possible before he leaves. I have a few commitments I already made and won't back out of, like the luncheon and FRG, but otherwise J gets priority on my time. Soon enough I will have plenty of time for other things.

And now, I think I should upload some pics to share.

Sophie sleeps like this a lot
Where I've been running
Magic didn't like the flash
Ted snuggles
I tried a scotch egg at Ren Fest. It was good!


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