Saturday, September 22, 2012

Workin' On My Fitness

So, while flying home from Maryland, I decided I should check out My Fitness Pal. My sister uses it, and I keep hearing other people (or reading, on weight loss sites) say they like it. It's a free tracker for food and exercise. 

It's the straight up calories again, but I have to admit their iphone app is pretty cool. You can scan bar codes and it pulls up the nutrition info for that food. It even has the stuffed chicken breasts that we bought at Sprouts already in there, and the focaccia bread they bake there. That made my life easy. So as I'm making myself dinner, I can scan bar codes and easily update my food log. 

The fitness tracker is a little more specific than WW, which I like, and it adds my calories burned into the day's calories. Although it still doesn't have hill running, but my Strava app calculates that and I can just enter that number. 

I'm just kinda tracking right now and not trying real hard. J leaves in early October, and my mom is coming to visit right after he leaves. So October is my experiment month. I'm going to try out My Fitness Pal for a month, like really truly trying to meet the goals, and see how it does. If I like it, I will cancel the WW and save $18 a month. 

We also have the triathlon next weekend. We hit the pool yesterday and today, and tomorrow we plan on biking the route and then running. I haven't practiced that transition yet. I'm not looking for any certain time frame on this tri. I just want to finish. 

Then it's lots of mornings at the canyon to run hills before the Transmountain Challenge. There's also the Tour De Tolerance the week after that, for the bike. I'll just do the 50K (about 30 miles), but I think I should definitely do it. Depending on how long Mom stays, she might be here for the Transmountain, which would be cool. 

I don't have any real plans for when Mom comes. She's bringing her sewing machine and we're going to turn the dining room into sewing heaven. She's going to show me how to tailor some of my clothes to fit me better (they got too big), and I'm going to get the quilt that's already a year late finished. That's my goal, I guess, while Mom's here. And eat some of the foods that J doesn't like. Cauliflower and artichoke mostly. Probably lots of squash and sweet potatoes. I love those.


  1. After trying both, I found that I liked LoseIt! a little better than MyFitnessPal, for what that's worth. The community is a little less dudely/attention whorey, as far as I could tell.

    1. I honestly don't use the community side of it much. My only friends are my sister and an old high school friend. I just want a tracker that will help me figure out how much I should eat.

  2. Have you tried TapnTrack? I really like that one. If we ever end up at class together again, you can look at it on my phone if you want.