Quilting: Moda Bake Shop

I've been following the Moda Bake Shop blog for a while now. I love moda fabrics, and they're having a contest! So for extra points, I'm blogging about one of their patterns.

The Puzzle Box Quilt is one of the early ones that I bookmarked. I like the solid color patterns that the Bake Shop has, and I want to do more with solid color fabric. Which is why I fell in love with this pattern.

One of the color examples
My quilter friends like patterns and bright colors. I like neutral tones, nothing too bright, and subtle pattern, or just one big pattern. I want to play around more with solid colors and how they work together. Maybe it's my artist husband's influence.

Of course, I gotta finish the quilts I have started first. I have lots of sewing time coming up, so I hope I can get a lot done. 


  1. I really like this pattern too, but maybe it's the bright colors that I'm drawn to as well?!! I love your preference for neutrals and simpler patterns, because it helps me broaden my quilting horizons! :-)


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