Soy Un Perdedor, Or Not

So, I have been between 151 and 155 pounds pretty much this whole year. It's getting really annoying. I've changed up my fitness routine, I've tracked my food better and tracked worse. I can't seem to break this plateau.

I've been feeling, lately, like the $18 per month that goes to Weight Watchers is a waste. It worked well to get me into to the lower 150s, but it isn't taking me any farther. I've thought about just stopping it. I'm also thinking of playing with the numbers I use in it. My daily points and weekly points are just a default. I can change them myself, which doesn't make much sense to me. I want guidance to tell me how much I need or don't need to help me lose weight. I suppose I could try lowering the daily points a bit and make myself eat more fruits and veggies (most are 0 points) to keep myself full. I could try lowering my weekly points, which means I have to stick closer to the daily points and/or earn more activity points if I eat more.

Now that I write that out, maybe I should give it a try. I can just lower it a little bit, like 2 daily points, and I don't know, 5 to 10 weekly points? And see how that works for a couple weeks. I tend to eat healthier when cooking for just myself, so after J leaves, I think I can maintain it. I plan on still getting the Harvest boxes every other week because I'm loving the fresh produce, and it's introducing me to new veggies. I have also proven to myself that I can eat healthy when J is home. So, if I could lose the remaining weight while J is gone, I'm pretty confident that I could maintain my weight when he is home.

See? This is why I blog. It helps me make decisions. Ok, it's one of the reasons why I blog. 


  1. I think using less of your weekly floating points might help. Plus, how can more fruits and veggies be a bad thing?

  2. Meth. It's the only way. ;D

    Or chopping off a leg...


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