Getting Back On Track

I admit, I've been slacking on my running. Like, a lot. But I got out with Remy on Christmas Eve and ran. We'll head out this afternoon as well. And next week, I'll start the Simple Fit program. Week will consist of 3 days of running and 3 days of strength training. At least at first. Then I'll start adding swimming and biking back in to alternate with running. But I really need to stick with a strength program.

I have also started another health regime - lotion. Simple, yes? But I just now started putting lotion on my arms and legs every day, instead of just when they get so dry that they itch. What started this? Getting fed up with my ridged fingernails.

The vertical ridges in my nails have just gotten worse over time. I of course did my favorite thing and researched it on teh interwebz. A couple sites suggested dehydration as a cause. Kinda makes sense. They've gotten worse since moving to this dry climate, and my cuticles have always been rather dry and cracked. So I'm trying to drink enough water during the day, and using lotion. At night before bed I slather aquaphor on my hands and rub it all in.

Along with my ridgey nails, I had a bad eczema flair up. It's mostly on my right foot, and mostly on 1 poor toe. A little on the left foot, and one little bump on my finger. My toe actually got stiff and sore and was all red, swollen and itchy. I think the run on Monday irritated it a bit. Again, I turn to teh majykal interwebz. Some people recommend soaking the area in vinegar. One lady actually drinks 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day. My favorite? Mentholatum. I'm already slathering it all over my nose every night.

So I created my own treatment. Morning and night, I use a cotton ball to swab the toes with apple cider vinegar. Then I slather them in mentholatum. I love that stuff. Yesterday, the toe was still sore, and just the toe seam on a sock hurt. I wrapped 2 of the toes on my right foot in gauze. That way they could breathe, but it would soak up any sweat. Socks and shoes were fine. It looked better last night, and looks a bit better than that this morning. Yay!

My cold seems to be doing better. I stopped the drugs and just have a stuffy nose sometimes. One side of my nose got very sore and even swollen a little. I was kinda worried when it looked like I was getting some sores, but then it itched, and I realized it could be a new location for eczema. Oh yay. I put mentholatum on it a few times a day and I'm gentle with the tissues. It's looking better. I've been using my neti pot as well. I cannot use plain water in it, but have to add a little salt. It's saline or nothing for my nose, apparently.

I'm also going to try to get back on track with my sewing. I have that damn quilt that I haven't finished yet. And a skirt that I really want to start wearing, but it's in 2 pieces with no waistband. Must Finish! After that, I would like to finish my pineapple wreath (called that because of how the fabric is pieced on, similar to the outside of a pineapple) so I can hang it up next year. And I never did make Misty's quilt. I have all the material, so it needs done.

I'm having fun crocheting hats. Making them for little kids only so far. I think I want to find a nice lacy style one for myself. I have some pretty alpaca yarn that would look good, as long as it's enough. Worth a shot anyway.

Since today is the day after Christmas, and I don't have to be anywhere, I think I might stay in my PJs all day. I could stand to do a load of laundry, and then dirty my running clothes again right away, but oh well. Looks like 1 to 2 pm will be the least windy today, so I'll aim for then. Hmm. Better get that laundry going. OR, I could wait and do it after the run......

Yeah. that rather makes more sense. Instead, I should probably put all the wrapping paper away so I can use the dining room table for sewing again. :)


  1. Sew! Sew! Sew! Run! Run! Run! Laundry! Laundry! Laundry! (Just a little cheerleading for you!)


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