The Skinny: Month The Second

Down one more pound this week. My body seems very happy with a pound-a-week weight loss. I've settled into this every time I've lost weight. I am perfectly happy with it. However, it makes for a rather boring weekly blog update. So! From now on, let's make it monthly. Or whenever I remember to do it. Or somewhere in between.

I have been having some dry mouth stuff. It's mostly right around the inside of my mouth and on my lips. Gets pretty bad some days. Aquaphor seems to help the most, so I'm going to pick up one of the aquaphor lip tubes that will fit in my pocket.

In other news, my first migraine since starting the fever few is trying to start, but it's hormone based, so it doesn't mean the fever few isn't working. Just means I'm PMSing like hell. Ugh. Fatigued also. Don't want to do anything.

So now I'm not updating The Skinny weekly, and I've finished My Body, so what do I write about? Suggestions? Ideas?


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