Half Marathon #4

I took it easy, I took pictures, I even posted one on Facebook during the race. I walked when I felt like it. I finished at 2:36:?? and don't really care.

I was very disappointed in the race organization. This is part of a series of half marathons over a range of States. I paid quite a bit for this race. I know it was to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, and yes I totally support that organization. However, it was the worst race bag I have ever received. With all the sponsors on the back of the tshirt, you're telling me that none of them had any free crap to give out? None of them wanted to put something with their logo in the bag to draw in new customers?

The water stations were oddly placed, not at regular mile markers. They did have enough cups though! But the finish line could have used a few more people guiding runners in, and they were completely out of fruit when I finished. I really just wanted half a banana, but all the had were granola bars and mini M&M cookies. Yes, cookies.

The race website said there would be music on the course. The only music was from 2 vehicles that volunteers had parked, opened the doors, and blared music from. The "live music" at the finish was 2 kids, looked like they were from the local university, with guitars and a keyboard. They did covers. Yes, they were talented, but I had been expecting more. They talked it up and then didn't deliver.

I won't be doing this race again.

I went to lunch afterwards with some other runners I know, then headed home. Remy was happy to see me and started napping as soon as we got home. He and his friend Javvy have a great time together, even when getting in trouble. Their first adventure Friday evening was to head a block over from Javvy's house to their friend Bella's. They literally knocked on the front door.

Bella's parents invited me over for dinner last night, which was very welcome since I didn't feel like cooking. I got to play with the kiddos and talk running with Eric. Good times. Oh, and Eric's homebrew Irish Stout was delicious.

Since yesterday morning was anything but lazy, I decided this morning could be a lazy one. Remy seems to agree. Later today we will do a short run or long walk, depending on how my legs feel. 


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