Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Oh Yeah! Shoe Review! (Vivobarefoot Neo)

I found a great deal on the Vivobarefoot Neo from the Clymb (if you want to sign up, ask me and I'll send you a referral!). Vivo is a brand I've been looking at for a while because they have a lot of zero drop minimal shoes.

I got them and of course tried them on right away. J even got to help me pick the color, which it seems they don't make anymore. Glad I got my blue! I really wore them first for our FRG holiday party. On my feet most of the day and no soreness. They slip on easily and fit wonderfully. Lots of room in my toes, nice and snug on the heel. They are more of a cross training shoe and just a running shoe, and have a simple design that looks cute for everyday wear.

I have worn them for 2 short runs now (3.5 miles) that each included some walking (stupid cold and laziness). But the shoes have been amazing. No hot spots. No discomfort. Feet feel great. They don't pick up pebbles and thorns like my New Balance do. They have a removable insole, which some people apparently replace with orthotics. I personally think that makes no sense. Buy a minimal shoe and then stick an orthotic in it? Whatever.

 I haven't tried them without socks yet. It's cold out there. Don't know if I will. My underarmor running socks are rather nice and very lightweight, so they aren't too much in the summer. We'll see. These shoes do have a thicker upper, so my feet might get hot when it warms up out there.

I am very much in love with these shoes. I will be doing more long runs over the next few weeks, and a half marathon on January 12.

This is the same half marathon I wasn't able to run a year ago because I picked a fight with a sidewalk and lost. I am not letting that happen this year. I will run it. And it's right here on Bliss, so no travel woes.

Oh noes! Almost forgot pics!

Yes, that's Remy lying next to me. And an old shoe in the background.

Outside (and Rem)




  1. YAY THEY'RE NOT BLACK. lololol.
    They look super cute!

  2. Amber, They ARE super cute! I've seen them in person. :)