Getting The Party Started

Ok, so it's no party, not really. But I realize I haven't been eating well. I'm not pigging out, but I'm not eating healthy. I need to cut back on frozen pizza.

I went ahead and ordered myself a harvest box. Haven't done that lately. I went with foods that I know I like to eat. Some staples that will last a while, like potatoes and sweet potatoes, some fruit, and some greens. I will base my meals around using up these fruits and veg before they go bad. Oh, and half a dozen eggs, because what the hell.

I got swiss chard, because I know I can cook it easily with some chopped onion and balsamic vinegar and it makes a good side. Could even crumble some cooked bacon in it. Spinach is great for so many things, and I could start making my own little pizzas again. Probably a lot better for me than frozen pizza. With my appetite now, I could get 4 pizzas out of 1 package of naan. That's half a piece for each pizza. I love fresh spinach on my pizza. And winter squash. I get whatever they send, but I love squash. All squash.

I just need some protein options. If you know me at all, you know I don't eat a lot of meat. I like meat well enough, but I just don't like to eat it all the time. So I need some good protein options that aren't meat. I think I'll raid my vegan friends' blogs, and I like that site. And my Gordon Ramsay cookbook. Mmmmmmm, I should make those blueberry muffins again.

So what brought this on? Even with the skinny supplement, I noticed that if I don't work out somewhat regularly, I don't lose weight. So I ran 3 days last week. I plan to run at least 3 days this week and start my new strength training routine, also 3 days. Want to help? On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, ask me if I've done my SimpleFit. Don't nag, don't lecture, just ask. If I haven't done it, I will feel guilty all on my own.

Oh! So I got my new sports bras in the mail. Mom gave me money for Christmas, and J sent me a gift certificate for the exact amount of a bra-tank from Lynx Sportswear. I read about these online and wanted to give it a try. I still love my Enells, but 2 layers of fabric under a tank top is a lot in El Paso summers. I took my measurements and checked the Lynx size chart. Of course I was right in-between sizes. I went with the smaller one, knowing how sensitive my chest it. I placed the order on Christmas day.

Surprisingly, I got an email that same day from Lynx. They were working! She told me that they've been giving us between-sizes women the option to try both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit. They even include a pre-paid envelope. So sure! I'll try it. Like Enell, they have their own sizing system based on your measurements. Their sports bras each have a number and a style. The styles are based on how large your chest is compared to your rib cage. You have the Sprint, the Dart, and the Zoom. Of course, I'm right between the Dart and the Zoom. The tanks aren't offered in the Zoom yet, so I only really had 1 option there.

My package was actually delivered on Friday, but I didn't check the mail that day and didn't realize I'd gotten my bras until it was dark and cold out. Remy and I walked to the mailbox Saturday morning to get them. Yes, I tried them on right away. Well, I let them warm up first. It was cold.

I tried both the Dart and Zoom, and definitely like the Dart better. The Zoom looked a little odd on me, could the shortness of my torso a little, and seemed to have just a bit extra fabric. I honestly wondered if I needed a smaller band at first. But I tried the Dart back on, and tried on the tank. I made sure everything was well adjusted and in place. I just wore it for a few minutes, then did a test. Jumping, running back and forth in my hallway, jiggle, jiggle. Very little to no movement, and the band stayed in place even on the loosest setting. That's one of the pros with this bra - adjustable band.

So I will keep these, send back the Zoom. My only complaint at this point is that my sports bra has more white than the ones on the site. If you look at them, they have a white center, color sides, white back, and black trim. Well, mine has white trim. You know me, I like things dark. I only ordered blue so Amber wouldn't nag me. (Just kidding, Amber. You know I love you.) But hey, I had color options other than black, white, and pink, so I'm not that upset by it.

So this is a single layer of fabric, and the white pieces are actually a mesh fabric, which means VENTILATION!! I'm looking forward to cooler runs this summer! I might have to order another tank top if I love it as much as I think I will. I'll run in my sports bra today or tomorrow (whenever I get out to run) and give a formal review over on Bra Crusader. With pics. Maybe I'll double post it, both here and there. We'll see. And yes, I can actually get much more detailed about the bras and how they fit. Cuz I'm like that.

Well this post ended up longer than I expected. Not a bad thing. I'm kinda having a lazy Sunday. I thoroughly vacuumed my couches yesterday. Haven't done that in a while. I even took off the seat cushions and vacuumed under them. On the big couch I found a pencil and 2 cat toys. On the loveseat, I found a yarn needle and another cat toy. Duke came out when I was done (he hates the vacuum, it's too loud) and played with one of the mice I found off an on the rest of the day. So cute.

Last thought. I promise. Remember my post about listening to more music? I'm doing it today. Nothing good on TV, and I wasn't really paying attention to it anyway, so I put it on a music channel. Classic Alternative. It's actually channel 666 on my TV. I love that. (Yes, that is my sense of humor. If you know me at all, you know that.)


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