Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Project Update: Good Health

Is that what I called this project? I don't remember, and don't feel like looking it up.

So I guess I didn't blog about starting the feverfew? I looked back and couldn't find it. Quick review then, mom and I were talking about my migraines during my last one, about a month ago. We thought it would be worth it for me to try feverfew. It's an herb. It's natural. I bought some at GNC and started taking one pill twice a day. The pills are 380mg each. I stopped taking the verapamil.

This all took place about a month ago. I don't remember when exactly. Since then, I have had some headaches, but I take ibuprofen and they go away, or at least stay under control. The worst headache I've had since I started the feverfew was a sinus headache a few days ago. And it really was just a sinus headache. Today I'm having some icepicks. I ate breakfast and I'm drinking some green tea. I will take ibuprofen in a little while if I have any more.

Wait. Strike that. I just remembered last Wednesday. My head was kinda hurting during the day. By evening, ibuprofen wasn't working. I had a holiday party to attend, lasted 2 hours, then I went home and took some tramadol and went to bed. I felt so much better the next morning. That was during my period, so I'm sure it was hormone based. I know there isn't much I can do for menstrual migraines. I'm already using the pill to limit how many periods I have.

BUT, other than my hormone triggered migraine, that only lasted 1 day, I have been migraine free. So I'll keep up the feverfew. It seems to be making a difference. And yes, it makes me feel good to know its an herb and not chemicals.

In other health news, I have a cold. It started with a scratchy throat, then my nose got stuffy. I'm taking mucinex and using afrin nose spray. My cold cocktail. It's getting better, but my nose is still pretty stuffed up.

Also, weight loss! I weigh 146 as of this morning! So close to my original goal of 145! I have been slacking quite a bit in the fitness department. This cold sure didn't help matters. I found a strength training program that I want to try. I just have trouble motivating myself. It's called Simple Fit and uses pull-ups, push-ups, and squats. All you need is a pull-up bar, and I have J's that I can use. No, I cannot currently do a single pull-up, but they do give options for those of us that can't do those.

In non-health news, we are dog-sitting this week. Bosco's family flew home for a funeral (during the holidays, sad news). He's with us for a little more than a week. He's about the same size as Rem, but older and fatter. I can say that because his mama told me he's fat. He's a sweetheart. He was checking out my bedroom this morning, saw Duke laying on the floor in the corner, kinda sniffed in the cat's direction, then moved on. So Duke is actually staying downstairs and not hiding the whole time. Remy really likes Bosco and will choose to sit by him instead of by me.

And now that all this is in writing, I need to shower so I can go run errands with the Smiths! 

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  1. As if you haven't had enough Smith-Time in the last week! Glad to hear that you've finally found something that's helping a little with your migraines and congrats on the weight loss!!!!