The good kind. I took Remy on the dirt track on post today. We started running and my shins started hurting right away. Then I remembered one of the basics of Chi Running (I only read the basics) - needle in cotton. In other words, hip swivel! I moved my hips more, and suddenly I could run! Yay! Remy and I ran most of that track this morning, and my legs feel great! I did have to stop a few times because my head was pounding and I don't want to push myself into a migraine, but I am quite proud of myself this morning.

I've been trying to get back into running, but get horrible shin splints unless I'm running barefoot on Stout track. I finally found my key to better running form. I'm going to keep this up and hopefully get my (at least) once a week run in. For starters, I'm going to do the 5k in the German American Oktoberfest Night Run on Sep. 11. Yes, it's the same day as the baby shower I'm hosting for Kristy, but since the shower is in the early afternoon, I should be fine for the run that starts at 6.

So I'm in a good mood now. I better get my butt in the shower so I can spend all the day at the OCSA sign up.


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