no more ants!!

The bug buy sprayed my back yard for ants friday afternoon. Saturday morning, they were everywhere, just like he said. I didn't get up early enough to really check yesterday, but today my back yard was ant-less! They usually start swarming the patio in the early morning, about the time I get back from walking Remy. But this morning I patrolled the yard and couldn't find any. Woohoo!! Finally! I feel bad that Remy was getting eaten by the ants, but we finally got it under control (knock on wood).

I've also been figuring a way to put dishes in my dishwasher so they get clean. I kept getting this food film left on some of the dishes. The last load was good though. Much better.

I was unfortunately kinda migrainy last week. Sunday was the worst of it. This morning I felt better, but it's starting to creep back in.

I'm also excited about some mail I should be getting soon. I ordered a tank top and some bras from a new website. It was an amazing deal and I can't wait to get them! I will do a review of the site on my bra blog when I get them.

I'm feeling a little rambley today. My sis told me this morning what my nieces want for Christmas. The 6 year old wants a Woody doll and the 3 year old wants a Buzz doll. I think Uncle Jason will be more than happy to get those for them this year!

ok. I'll shut up now and go make myself some lunch. and maybe some tea.


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