finally friday

I made it to the pool twice this week. I did not make it out for a run on my own, but I did run with puppy a little yesterday.

I'm been slightly headachey this week. On the verge of a migraine, I think. I've been able to hold it off so far. Jaws are sore, too. I have undiagnosed tmj by the way.

Today I'm sitting at home because the pets guys are supposed to be here sometime between noon and 5pm. Yeah. That is all afternoon. I've been playing online, but I really need to do my exercise for my latest 4-day win and work on my first-ever quilt that's almost done. I'm tired, and not sure why. Maybe just afternoon lull.

Puppy is passed out. He's so adorable! He played with Athena yesterday, and got to see Millie and Grissom today. He thinks he's as big as all the other dogs. He is learning what it means when dogs growl or snap at him.

Cat is off sleeping somewhere. Usual cat stuff.

Ok. Time to get to work. Hopefully the bug guys show up soon. I am tired of having fire ants in control of my back yard. I want my grass back!


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