warning: potty mouth

I feel like shit this afternoon. Yes, no editing today. I felt fine this morning, and the cramps have been much better lately, but now I'm not so hot. Started with grocery shopping. The Commissary just doesn't seem to have much in stock lately. So I went to Walmart and got all but one item on my list. Naked Juices. Apparently, only Albertsons carries them now. ugh.

Then I got home and started cramping. Put on hot patch. Put together my new little stick vac thingy and used it for my floors. Worked great, easier than sweeping. Then cloroxed the floor in the living room.

Somewhere in there, my right temple started to hurt. Every time I bent down for anything, my temple hurt. I managed to still clean the floors and completely clean Duke's room and box. No energy after that.

I went to drop of Heather's garage door opener that I had from watching her dog over the weekend, then got Oktoberfest tickets, and went to the PX. They didn't have my book. Walmart (earlier) didn't have ANY books. Apparently Walmart has no room for anything even slightly intellectual anymore. So I bought a new dish drainer that we've needed for a while now, and a tea latte, and came home. I think I'm going to be lazy the rest of the day. Might even lay on the couch and take a little nap. erg. I hate being a girl.


  1. Yes, sometimes I hate being a girl too. And no one is going to lecture for being a potty mouth. Sometimes, ya just gotta let it out. I hope you feel better. I just stopped trying to find books at Walmart. ( Well, we don't have a walmart here) but anywho...I just use Amazon alot and I order from books a million. I took a nap yesterday. Sometimes naps are needed. Hope you have a better day today.


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