Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i hate my head

I have been on the verge of a migraine for about a week and a half now. Sunday I thought I was getting one and it would finally be over, but lo and behold, I've had auras and minimal pain yesterday and today.

I talked to mom about the idea of skipping a day or two of my preventive meds to see if I could just get this migraine to go it's course and get done and over with. She of course said I should talk to a doc, first. I might try the tel-a-nurse number we have here.

I don't get migraines that kick my ass and make me stay home in bed. I get migraines that I can usually work through, but that last for days on end. I can get the pre-symptoms of a migraine for weeks on end without ever getting the actual full-on migraine. That's why I went to the doctor. That's why I'm on Verapamil.

I think some of my issue is that J has been very stressed with work lately, and his stress tends to stress me out. And the stress doesn't look like it's going anywhere but up.

So I'm sitting here, watching my BBCA news, with a heating pad on my neck to try and relieve some of the tension there.

On a completely different note, I'm thinking of volunteering with the Humane Society. I was volunteering with Animal Rescue League, where I adopted Remy from, but since moving on post it seems like too much of a drive to be worth my time. It's waaaay over on the west side, actually in Canutillo, TX. But the Humane Society is right off of post, and from what I've seen, they're volunteer program is much more organized. I thought I might check it out. I just missed the August orientation session, so I'll have to wait for September, if they have one then.

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