Tuesday, August 10, 2010

crappy days are here again

OK, not really days, but day. Just not the happiest of days today. Doesn't help that my head hurts a little. But I got things done. I got a birthday gift and a baby gift mailed off. I found out that my computer really does not want to communicate at all with my printer, no matter how many times I reinstall the program. And I finished my book club book. Now I have to buy the second book.

I'm just tired today. Emotionally tired. I hate emotion. Honestly, I'm not a big emotions kinda girl. I'm more likely to repress emotion. I'm a lover of logic. If I were a Star Trek character, I would most definitely be a Vulcan. Plus pointy ears are sexy.

So now I'm sitting at home with two napping critters wondering if I want to cook chicken for dinner or just pick something up. I'm thinking about giving the dog a bath, but that requires energy that I just don't seem to have right now. Eh, he's just going to get all muddy and dirty with Athena on Thursday. It can wait.

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