The Crud

I finally gave in yesterday. I went to the doc's. Actually, I went to an urgent care clinic since I couldn't get a doc appointment till the 21st. But I got a 5 days z-pack and sudafed and felt amazingly better this morning. I'm having a little lightheadedness every now and then, but doing great. J and I even took Remy for a little run/walk. I was doing good, but my lungs are still tired and I started getting a headache, so we finished it with walking. Still felt good to get out there.

The new gym on post has been hosting a lot of runs and new fitness classes. They did the half-marathon in December, and they're doing a full marathon in the same way this month. I'm going to sign up. You run 20 miles on your own and then do a 10K on the 25th. This will push me to get out and run more.

I also have a new friend that is moving on post this month who is willing to run with me. She even wants to go walk McKelligan Canyon, which I need to do for my Bataan training.

Oh, and I finished week 1 of my pushups challenge. Did a total of 138 pushups this week. After day 1, my arms and abs were sore. I didn't feel it much after day 2, and today I feel great (after day 3). So I'm feeling good, and getting off my butt a bit more.The only one who may not like that is Duke. It means less time for him to cuddle on my lap.


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